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Day Trips in the North

  Discover Northern Israel with a custom-made itinerary that's perfectly crafted for your group.  The North has so much to offer from the Golan Heights in the east, the mountains and streams of the Galilee in the center and the Northern Coast in the west.  

Best toured across at least three days, the North of Israel has it all: world-class wineries, amazing hikes of all levels, archeology of the Tanach and the Talmudic period, stories of Israel's modern wars and geopolitics, off-road adventures, and plenty more. 


But whether you have just one day or several days, the North of the Israel is waiting for you to come explore. 

Private Northern Trips

Northern Exposure tour of the

Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is a rich area of the far North of Israel waiting to be discovered.
Most people don't have more than one day to spend in the Golan during their Israel trip and this tour will give you a taste of this frontier.  National parks with waterfalls and Griffon Vulture lookouts, wineries with grapes grown in the shadows of dormant volcanos, and up-close-and-personal viewpoints overlooking Syria. These are just some of the many types of activities to choose from to get your taste of the Golan Heights.

Borders Tour

beyond the headlines

Syria and Lebanon have been at the forefront of the discussion of the Arab Spring that has gripped the region for the last few years. Instead of reading about it in the papers or watching it unfold on television, come learn about the complexities of the Middle East first-hand.  We'll travel along the borders of both these volatile countries in order to get a better understanding of what has happened in the recent past and in the last hundred years. Culture. Peoples. Ethnicities. Religion. Land. Identity.  Reality in the Middle East is never black and white. Come discover the shades of gray.
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